TCO Comparison Calculator

TCO Calculator

Project Description

Company wanted to build a revolutionary new TCO calculator that would be used by customers to determine the ROI and total cost of ownership. The tool also projected the cost comparisons between two cloud providers through various means.

Project Details

Client Hidden
Duration 60 Days
Skills Web Design, Java, Excel Reader

What we have delivered in respect to designing and Development

  • Photoshop Illustrator has been used to design a co-operative layout with the customer requirement
  • With the help of HTML 5 & CSS3, JavaScript we are able to design user friendly + cooperative design that fits to the customer need.
  • Used the bootstrap feature to make the website responsive which can be visualize using smart devices like mobiles or tablets.
  • Used Java in the development with Maven and Spring framework to

Technologies Used:

  • Backend: Java (Spring)
  • Database/Storage: Excel
  • GUI: HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap
TCO Comparison Calculator

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