NGO Mobile App Development Case Study

survey app for ngo by pushbinary


The NGO we’re working with is specialized in working in 350 villages in the Tribal Area of Rajasthan, India. They have around 10 staff working in different parts of the area to collect the data from the Tribal People.

NGO was using Pen and Paper to collect the data and manually process it to create the action report which is time-consuming and wastes lots of paper. We at PushBinary designed and developed a system to convert the entire manual paper-based flow into digital. We developed a Mobile app for the field staff and a web portal for the Administrator to process the data.

What We Did


Design simple workflow & UI which can be understood by Non-tech savvy staff


Platform architecture


Designed detailed analytics to read the huge data in graph form


Web & Mobile App Development


70% Paper Saved

Real time Data

Decrease in data Mistakes by Staff

Detailed Graph of Problems in the Area

Web Implementation

To deliver a single-page experience with high performance, we developed a standalone JavaScript web application in AngularJS. Angular helps us to achieve a seamless experience while navigating the Admin dashboard. We’ve used the Apex Chart to draw the analytics graph.

Mobile Implementation

We’ve built the Android app in the Ionic Framework which allow us to build the app in AngularJs. The big advantage of using the Ionic is that it greatly reduced the overall cost as both Web & Mobile app uses a single programming language. Ionic utilizes the Capacitor framework which is native runtime that makes it easy to build performant mobile applications that run natively on Android & iOS.

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